Established in February 2014, by a small group of franchisees on democratic principles, this association is dedicated to the protection, development, advancement and improvement of the franchisee community in Central and East Coast of Florida.

The strength of this organization lies in its ability to promote, protect and advance the collective interests of its members… something no single member or any corporate advisory group can achieve. This partnership can create a better understanding between members and those with whom it deals.

The main purpose of this association is to address and solve problems that face franchisees. Our objective is for all parties to work together, harmoniously…however challenging that may seem to be. We will work tirelessly to create a dialog with our franchisor to resolve difficulties affecting franchisees, locally as well as, nationally

UFOFL is the most effective means of advancing the shared interests of 7-Eleven franchisees, locally. No more factual or truer words were enumerated when former National Coalition Chairman, Ted Poggi, once stated, “No single franchisee can achieve what many franchisees, united can accomplish”.

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